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qυтєу尺αч ..♡

I'm 18 years old n from Trinidad...yess imma trini ah trini xD
Soo...a little about me :)
Im fun, outgoing, open and enjoys entertainment
Don't entertain BS but shittalk can pass lol
Once im laughing/smiling we're cool
my blog basically speaks for itself but not on behalf of me.
if u wanna know more u know the drill.
-I DO follow back ONLY if ur blog is similar to mine. Sometimes i do tend to bypass some but just msg me n ill check ur blog out.

.·´ R.·´¨)
(¸¸.·´ .·´
.·´A .·´¨)
(¸¸.·´ .·´
.·´ Y .·´¨)
(¸¸.·´ .·´
.·´A .·´¨)
(¸¸.·´ .·´
.·´ N .·´¨)
-:¦:- XoXo :*
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